Our Mission

Organic ingredients*
100% Gluten-Free
Locally sourced ingredients*
Pastured & humanely raised animals
No refined sugars
No soy
No corn
No processed ingredients

* all of our ingredients will be organic and locally sourced whenever possible. Occasionally we cannot source organic so we make sure they are non-GMO and are raised in a sustainable way.

Eating healthy is a lifestyle and those of us who do, often have a difficult time providing meals consistently for our family and ourselves. Each of us have so much to do in a day, whether your a Student, Mom, Athlete, Professional, or Retiree food is a focus and need for us each and every day. Having good food accessible is usually where most of us sacrifice what we want, for what we can get. We want to be the bridge to maintaining healthy eating habits everyday. With our NEW Leaucadia, CA restaurant and curated boxed meals, healthy trusted food is now available to you and your family anytime!